What's inside Islands of the World

Islands of the World

Budget Multisheet Wall Calendars

7 Page Budget

13pg ISLANDS of the WORLD 2018


Ref: D41C
Calendar Size: 440mm (h) x 580mm (w)
Ad Copy Size: 100mm (h) x 210mm (w)

Think cocktails with little umbrellas, endless beaches and all the sunshine your heart desires. The sound of crashing waves, the sand beneath your toes and last but not least, your brand to top it all off.

Who can resist the feel-good effect of an island escape? Let it add a touch of the extraordinary to your clients’ working days as your brand basks in the glow next to the idyllic beauty of Tahiti, the breath-taking cliffs of Santorini and the sparkling wonderland spanning the Maldives.

Every island has a story to tell and we’ve added a short summary to whet the appetite as clients explore the wonders of the Islands of the World.


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